Schulting retains lead after Second Leg of Tobago Cycle

CROWN, POINT, Tobago: (Thu, Sep 28): Peter Schulting (NED/PSL) remains ahead of the field after two legs of the Stage Race of the 2017 Tobago International Cycling Classic (TICC) on Thursday, September, 28. At the completion of the Second Leg which started and ended at Old Grange Beach in Mt. Irvine Schulting held on the Leader’s yellow shirt after he finished second to Lucas Carstesen (GER/Embrace The World) in the four lap/26km race. Carstesen was first over the line in one hour 56 minutes 39 seconds (1:56.39.0) with Schulting fractions  behind (1:56.39.7). The start of the race was in doubt at one moment after early morning rains resulted in debris and land slips falling on the climbs and descents. UCI Chief Commissiare Julie Rodman raised concerns over the safety of the riders and after consulting with the race chairman Jeffrey Charles the course was altered. The original race times were 8:00am (Division Two) and 9:30am (Division One). However, both categories of riders started within five minutes of each other at 10:00am with the Division One competitors leading the way. Jamaican Marloe Rodman (PSL) took the opening lap, outsprinting the Parmaco duo of Jake Silverburg (USA) and Raynauth Jeffrey (GUY). Rafael Meran (COL/Raiders) out dipped Martin Kelderman (NED/PSL) and Winston David (USA/Pharmaco) in a mass rush to the complete the send lap. David then took third lap honours from Martin Kelderman (NED/PSL) and Adderlyn Cruz (DMR/Raiders). However, the Dutch rider will enter Friday’s Plymouth Criterium ahead with 27 points, following the completion of two stages, well ahead of David (18) and Carsten (17). However, David, is ahead in the Sprint race with 98 points. Kelderman was second (71) and Schulting (68).

In the Division Two, Ronnell Woods (Team Woods) won the two lap/13km race in 1:05.41.18 ahead of Serverin Giebibl (GER/Veloclub/Ratisbona), 1:05.41.32 and Silvio Innis (GUY/Rigtech Sonics), 1:05.41.73. Woods leads the standings with 18 points ahead of Linford Blackwood (JAM/Pharmaco) and Stage One winner Kemp Orosco both on 17 points.

Stage Three, the Plymouth Criterium, the 50 lap/65km race will be held on Friday, September 29. The Division Two riders will do battle over 20 laps/26km and the Division Three over five laps/7km. The qualifying round of Fast and Furious Road Sprint will also be held. The Plymouth Criterium will be streamed live on

The first race of the Mountain Bike Series will be contested in Table Piece from 7:30am.

Race Three- Plymouth Village Criterium, Shelbourne Street, Plymouth (1:00pm). Route: Start at Shelbourne Street, left at Arnos Vale Road, left on North Street, left on North Street, finish on Shelboure Street. Division One-50 laps (65 km)/Division Two-20 laps/26 km)/Division Three-Novice-5 laps/7 km).

Race Four-Market Square Criterium, Wilson Road, Scarborough (8:30am). Route: Start Wilson Wilson, let unto Darrel Spring West Road, right unto Garden Side Street, right unto Carrington Street, right unto Wilson Road to finish line.

The 2017 edition of TICC will culminate with the UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago on Sunday (Oct 1). The 120 Km race will get underway at the Scarborough Esplanade, Milford Road, Scarborough from 7:30am. The riders will travel through Plymouth, Castara, Charlotteville, Speyside, Roxborough, Mason Hall and end at Scarborough. 


Stage  Two (Thu Sep 28)

Division One (4 laps/26 km): 1st Lucas Carstesen (GER/Embrace The World) 1:56.39.0, 2nd Peter Schulting (NED/PSL) 1:56.39.7, 3rd Dennis Ramirez (COL/Raiders) 1:57.10.0, 4th Aria Kiani (USA/Econo Car) 1:57.10.1, 5th Winston David (USA/1:57.10.4, 6th Adderlyn Cruz (DMR/Raiders) 1:57.10.8, 7th Martin Kelderman (NED/PSL) 1:58.59.4, 8th Ken Tiltmann (GER/RC Die Schwalben) 2:02.09.44, 13th Greg Vanderpool (BAR/2:03.16.2, 15th Enrique De Camarmo (TTO/Heatwave) 2:10.23.9

Standings  after Stage One & Two

Overall: 1st Schulting 27, 2nd David 18, 3rd Carstesen 17, 4th Ramirez 16, 5th Tiltman 13, 6th Kiani 8, 7th Sanabria 8, 8th Cruz 5

Sprints: 1st David 98, 2nd Kelderman 71, 3rd Schulting 68, 4th Ramirez 67, 5th Cruz 46, 6th Carstesen 43, 7th Marlo Rodman (JAM/PSL) 43, 8th Raynauth Jeffrey (GUY/Pharmarco)  37

Division Two (2 laps/13km): 1st Ronnell Woods (TTO/Woods) 1:05.41.18 2nd Severin Giebibls (GER/Veloclub/Ratisbona) 1:05.32, 3rd Silvio Innis (GUY/Rigtech) 1:05.41.73, 4th Walter Grant (GUY/Rigtech) 5th Kyle Gill (BAR/Massy) 1:05.42.05, 6th LInford Blackwood (JAM/Pharmaco) 1:06.24.95, 7th Jacob Kelly (BAR/Massy United) 1:06.26.62, 8th Kemp Orosco (TTO/DPS) 1:07.12.04

Standings after Stage One & Two:

Overall:1st Wood 18, 2nd Blackwood 17, 3rd Orosco 17, 4th Giebibl 12, 5th Innis 10, 6th Teniel Campbell (TTO/PSL), 7th Kelly, 8th Grant 8

Elite Male: 1st Blackwood, 2nd Innis, 3rd Shaquel Agard (GUY/Econo Car)

Junior (U19): 1st Wood, 2nd Kelly, 3rd Orcosco

Juvenile (U17): 1st Adam Marshall (BAR/Massy United)

Ladies Open: 1st Marlies Mejias (CUB/Raiders), 2nd Campbell 27, 3rd Jessica Costa (TTO/Heatwave)

Masters: 40-49: Douglas D’Abaie (TTO/SR), 50-59: Dirk Tidd (TTO/Knights); 60 +: Stephen Aboud (TTO/Pharmaco)


Remaining schedule

Day Three-Fri Sep 29

7:30am-TICC Mountain Bike Race 1 (Venue to be announced)…prize giving to follow right after

1:30pm-TICC Stage 3 (Shelbourne Street, Plymouth)…..prize giving to follow right after

Day Four-Sat Sep 30

8:30am-TICC Stage 3 (Wilson Road, Scarborough) …..prize giving to follow right after

2:00pm-TICC Mountain Bike Race 2 (Venue to be announced)….prize giving to follow right after

4:00pm-UCI Licenses check for UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago (Johnstons Apartments, Crown Point)

Day Five-Sun Oct 01

7:30am-UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago (Milford Esplanade, Scarborough)…….prize giving to follow right after

4:00pm-Grand Finale-Prize Presentation & Farewell Lime (Johnstons Apartments, Crown Point)