Classic Beach Lime a hit once again.

Honey Juice impresses with coconut peeling feats and balancing act.

parting-with-classic-girls The Rum Punch Beach Lime and Picnic is as eagerly anticipated by the cyclists as the four days of intense riding in the Stage Race and the gruelling climbs of the UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago. The Beach Lime and Picnic is held on the off-day of riding on Thursday and the picturesque Pigeon Point Beach. The foreigners, in particular, get the opportunity to experience the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. This year was no different. Upon arrival at Pigeon Point the cyclists first tried out the jet skis. The choppy waters made the rides exciting. Soca artiste Oscar “B” Benjamin didn’t waste any time in whipping up the entertainment teaching the foreigners how to do the “Dollar Wine” with the help of the Classic Girls. The Danish riders showcased their chicken dance once again before the riders, organisers and fans all partied doing in Congo line. No beach party is complete with some pulsating wining. Cuban Vincent Sanabria led the way again and seem to have loosen his hips more for this year’s occasion. The Colombians, Martiniquans, Jamaicians and Danish cyclists were not be outdone and showed their dancing prowess on the white sands of Pigeon Point.

balancing-fork-by-prongThis year’s special entertainer was Harold “Honey Juice’ Joseph who displayed his unique skill of balancing a garden fork via the prong on his nose. He then did the same with a vintage bomber bicycle. He challenged severals of riders to match his feat of remaining on top a small piece of plywood balanced on a cylindrical can. Of the many who tried two were successful, a Jamaican and an Australian. Honey Juice ended his performance with a hair raising task of peeling green and dry coconuts with his teeth. No one dared to attempt follow him this time around.
The local cuisine served was well received. Aloo pies and “Doubles” were on the menu and from the long length of the line by the “Doubles’ stall it was not hard to determine which delicacy was the hit of the day. Once taught how to eat the delicacy with their fingers the foreigners were asking for more. Salisha’s famous rum punch was needed to quelch the spicy flavouring on the “Doubles”.

By Clayton Clarke