2016 Post Event Reviews


From left… Pierre Hutsbaut – UCI Tour Advisor; Trevor Bailey – COPACI Vice President; Jeffrey Charles – Chairman, Tobago International Cycling Classic

Cycling is one of the most beautiful Sport and by far one of the most expensive. What saddens me it is still not one of the more popular sports in the Caribbean. We have so many Cycling Tours being held worldwide, broadcasted on so many different stations around the world and more Caribbean people are tuned in today to this competitive excitement. And with Championships like the Tobago International Cycling Classic held on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago, which gives you a warm taste of their cultural experience, is a positive way forward for Cycling in the Caribbean. Read more..






Dean Warren

After hearing about the Tobago International Cycling Classic and the Tour of Tobago from longtime participant Trevor Conner, I’ve been eager to attend and see for myself. Trevor invited my son to be a part of his team this year so I jumped at the opportunity to provide team support and cover the race for the Warren Cycling Podcast. Read more..







James Piccoli -UCI Tour of Tobago 2016 Winner

Hi Jeff
I just wanted to take the chance to thank you personally for a great 30th edition of the Tour of Tobago. You really do have an event unlike any other, and I was once again privileged to be able to participate again this year. I know that it must take a huge amount of work to pull off an event like the Tour of Tobago, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts! Read more..









Mark Brown – Presenter / Commentator ESPN Sporting Network

As Presenter for ESPN’s presentation of the Tobago International Cycling Classic and UCI Tour of Tobago, I always know I am embarking on a great adventure. The friends I’ve made in Trinidad and Tobago over my 4 years in this role always welcome me back to this friendly island paradise with open arms. Read more..






Nick Stöpler - Holland

Nick Stöpler – Holland

Firstly, I would like to thank and acknowledge the importance of the premier partners of the Tobago International Cycling Classic – Organizer Jeffrey Charles; the Tobago House of Assembly; the Tourism Development Company; the Ministry of Sport & the NLCB. I would also like to acknowledge the importance of ESPN for broadcasting this event and the UCI for supporting the race. Read more..





Patrik Ericsson - Sweden

Patrik Ericsson – Sweden

To do the last race of the season in Tobago is the perfect way to do it. I have done it 4 times now and I’m excited to do it next year again. The race is hard, the riders are strong and the organization is great. But for me that is not the only things I like about the TICC. Read more..






Team Eleven Sportwear - Germany

Team Eleven Sportwear – Germany

To start with, we want to thank the organization of the TICC 2016 for having us at this great race. It was a pleasure to ride in Tobago, especially because of the supportive and pleasant people everywhere. As we were the first international women cycling team taking part at the TICC in 30 years, the people treated us like celebrities 🙂 Read more..





Clayton Clarke - The Tobago International Cycling Classic - A World Class Event right in my back yard !

Clayton Clarke – Caribbean Sport Journalist

I became involved in Tobago International Cycling Classic six years ago. My role then was a journalist covering the six-day event. I felt I could not miss such a high profile and prestigious international sporting activity on my home island. Back then the coverage of the Classic was not as it is today. As with many local sporting events and tournaments the focus on media and coverage is not always on the top of the list of priorities. After a year or two of having to rock and roll with the organisers to get information I made an offer to assist in disseminating information to the media. Read more..